Hello again!

My name is Leonardo, obviously, but you can call me Leo.


I was born in a town in Mexico, but raised in the United States of America in the Land of Lincoln.


I speak excellent English and rusty Spanish. Why is that, despite being born in Mexico to parents that speak fluent Spanish? I had spent most of my time in school, that's why. School sucks.

Favorite Foods

My favorite foods are pepperoni and sausage pizza, thin curst or stuffed crust, juicy burgers that have big patties, chicken, fried or roasted, and lemonade, typically Minute Maid. In case of no lemonade, I typically go with Fanta Orange or Mountain Dew Original as favorites as well.


My hobbies include playing video games, drawing (digitally or traditionally), 3D modeling, and learning about computers (as a general term). I say general term for that last part because it is just an obssession I have.

Video Games

I typically enjoy games that I find interesting to me, which isn't a lot, to be fair. It's hard to pin down what makes a game interesting to me. Sometimes it's the exploration. Sometimes it's the story. Sometimes it's because it's simple, like platformers. If I made a list of what I did like, it would be long and complicated.

Hopes and Dreams

I have big hopes that in the near to far future, sometime in the this decade or the next, I will be able to get my dream job, being a computer programmer, and be able to make video games on the side. I also hope that within this decade I will learn how to do 3D animation. It will not be Pixar-quality, but I would say good enough for use in video games and small animations.

Random Facts

More facts about me:
My favorite animals are domestic cats and wolves.
I would watch random videos on YouTube if I feel drained of motivation.
I would rather much be working on a project for fun than to just relax and watch movies or videos.
I enjoy reading stuff on TV Tropes.
I use Linux as my operating system on my Raspberry Pi and now dead old laptop. I quite enjoy using it.
I have an iPad and iPod Touch. I also have a New 2DS XL and the Switch OLED.